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The Man B​eh​ind th​​e Voice

Encour​aging and Inspiring Millions

The Fight for Justice

The opinions and protest statements found in this article is not endorsed by any Government or Congressional Leaders affiliated with Norris Guillot Jr/TMBV. This article is for the sole purposes to voice the opinion of citizens in our communities. 

 You Killed Troy Davis, But You Will Not Kill The Fight For Justice GRd-tk2CbHk

September 23, 2011

Local resident in Wichita Kansas, gathered on 13th and Grove for a protest against the injustice acts of our country that has taken the life of another innocent person.

 I went to sign the petition and I was the first one so I'm excited about that! =) I really felt that something needed to be done and someone my age needed to be apart of this. There are young people who still care, and who are passionate about things that are happening, and believe in standing for justice and doing the right thing. I'm glad I'm one of them =) it takes one person to make a difference and truly make a change. If you believe in it, act on it!!!

↓Statement by: Person in Photo LaStacia Burnett↓

The Constitution of the United States took a beating on it's merits of Equal Justice under the Law--The Law of Eyewitness Identification was so in question, as extensively relayed around the globe-"When It Doubt" Check it Out~After all Death by Lethal Injection is final~When 7 out of 9 Witness, Come Out of Fear, and Courageously speak of coercion by Police Officers~The Bondage of Fear is Broken~Faith is allowed to operate~confidence prevails~The Truth is Penetrated by Believers~.~.Believers who care about a system of fairness and Justice-irregardless of race.

Statement by: Juanita Blackmon Community Activist & Educator

For more information please contact Carl Kirkendoll, NAACP Member & Mentorship Leader at 316-807-6740 or 808-349-6344 or email him at [email protected]

News Coverage by KWCH Channel 12 @

The Life of a Community Leader

Above: Kansas Governor

Sam Brownback

The Man Behind the Voice, Community Consultant

Norris G. Guillot Partners With

Kansas Department of Correction


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Above: Editor and Publisher Steve Forbes

Owner of Forbes Magazines

Above: Senator Nate Bell, Anita Perry & Texas Governor Rick Perry

Above: Martin Luther King Jr Memorial & Brothers of

Alpha Phi Alpha Inc.  

MLK Celebration Jan 15, 2012

MLK Celebration Jan 15, 2012

Above: Community Consultant Norris Guillot Jr, shares his MLK Collection at the Wichita MLK Celebration Jan 15, 2012  

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